It's Always about the money!
It's Always about the money!

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                                     Tradewinds Remarketing

Tradewinds Remarketing is an Auto Auction Process Management  firm focused on helping businesses solve the complex challenges and decisions facing their business today. Tradewinds Remarketing has helped many clients to maintain and achieve successful businesses with financially sound practices while still managing their time and resources.


Over the years, Tradewinds Remarketing has earned a reputation for caring individual service to the smaller auction customer who doesn't feel they can get the auction services and priority like the big guys. We offer advice and support for every process and structure when it comes to marketing your vehicles at auto auctions.  While we don't make the market we do help you get more money more often than by working alone.

Our team

The Tradewinds Remarketing team is staffed with experienced car people and former bankers. You can't teach experience and at Tardewinds Remarketing you get over 100 years of combined industry experience.  Industry recognized experts and award winning industry service.

Functionality and fuel consumption are the main concerns of today’s car purchasers. Nevertheless, safety, design and trim are also key factors when choosing a car. We offer you a wide range of new and used cars.

What Auctions do you run at?

Primarily, we run and physically represent our clients at local auctions in Southern California LA area.  We are at the auctions selling our clients vehicles everyday of the week in both in-lane and on-line environments. 


We also run vehicles up and down the west coast, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Sacramento, Texas and more.  Chances are if you want to run somewhere we can run iget it handled.


Here's where we're usually at during the week:


Monday we are managing sales in the on-line environment and preparing for the week, meeting with auctions and gathering inventory sale data.

It's time someone stood up for the little guys!

  At Tradewinds Remarketing we take pride in servicing the little guy.  From independant dealers, new car dealers, rental companies, credit unions and automotive lenders of all types we provide access, placement, fees and service you can't get on your own.  We help the "little guys" get treated the way they deserve!

What can I run with Tradewinds Remarketing?

What kind of car and trucks will Tradewinds Remarketing run for me?  There is really no limit.  Tradewinds will run anything that can be sold at an Auto Auction including runners and non-runners.  We sell car, trucks or all sizes, RV's, Boats and Motorcylcles and more.  If the auction will run it we will manage the sale.

Independant Used Car Dealers

Do you feel that you just don't get a fair shot at the auctions and that you don't have any way to get the impact placement or attention that the big guys get.  The solution is Tradewinds Remarketing!

Credit Unions & Lenders

Tradewinds Remarketing is perfect for Credit Unions and other small lenders who cannot provide the manpower on their own to physically represent repos and lease returns at the auctions.  Let's face it.....people are expenseive.  We provide you with experienced expert representation affordably and as you need it.  THere is no need to maintain a complete remarketing staff of your own.  You get the benefits of physical represntation without the payroll expense!

What if I'm new at this?

Tradewinds Remarketing managrs take pride in sahring our decades of retail dealership operation, wholesale, auction selling and banking regulatory/compliance experience with our clients. To put it simply, we will help you in any way we can.  We have helped and guided new dealers, advised credit unions on regulatory compliance and the importance of a consistent commercially reasonable process.  We are recognized experts in the industry and we really like to help our clients succeed in the business.

Tradewinds Remarketing provides complete and sustainable solutions for small to mid-sized businesses and independant used car dealers. To find out more about how we can help your company, please take a look at our website or contact us using our contact information.  Thank you! 

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